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The Virginia Association for Management Analysis and Planning has served the IR community in Virginia for decades. VAMAP is a volunteer organization that welcomes current and former IR professionals from any postsecondary institution or educational agency in Virginia.

The purpose of the Association is to advance research and knowledge leading to greater understanding, planning and operation of institutions of post-secondary education throughout the state of Virginia. The Association seeks to fulfill its purpose by meeting the following goals:

1. To provide for the continued professional development of individuals engaged in management activities, financial management, internal auditing, management information, planning, and institutional research;to promote the dissemination of information and the interchange of ideas on problems of common interest;to promote training and professional development of those involved in the organization;to foster and encourage analytical approaches to management problems.

2. To promote cooperation and communication among institutions and state and federal agencies on matters of mutual concern.

VAMAP operates with a team of the following roles:

  • President
  • Past-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Annual Meeting Chair
  • Constituent Representatives (4-Year, 2-Year, Public/Private)

The Constitution and Bylaws provide details about organization and governance.

As professionals we follow the Association for Institutional Research Statement of Ethical Principles.